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New Nomadic Media on Demand App turns iPad into an interactive sales tool

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SPRINGFIELD, Va. — Nomadic Display, a leading manufacturer of trade show displays, announced the release of their new Nomadic Media on Demand App.

The App was developed after recognizing the need for companies to reduce expenses associated with trade shows and events.

This powerful tool enables companies to save the time and money required to print, ship and handle printed materials by publishing them as environmentally-friendly electronic media. 

With the Nomadic Media on Demand App, executives, sales personnel, and technical advisors can have access to their company’s full suite of content at their fingertips on the iPad. Content may include any printed matter such as product information, competitive comparisons, technical specifications, sales promotions, contract forms, plus photos and videos.

In their face-to-face meetings with clients, users have the ability to zoom in on charts and photos, play videos on demand, and email product specific information PDFs immediately following their discussion.

Contact files from each tablet are centrally stored in the admin portal and may be exported for further follow-up to a database at anytime. Delivery of new content releases to the field is lightening fast. Updated content may overwrite earlier versions instantly on every user’s iPad.Custom Apps usually cost an average of $25,000 or more and require months of development time.

For a fraction of the cost and time, companies can have their own branded version of the Nomadic Media on Demand App. For just $7,000 plus an annual hosting package, users can be ready to go-to-market in just days.

“Nomadic is dedicated to developing creative solutions for face-to-face marketing programs that drive interaction and deepen engagement between buyers and sellers. Our Media on Demand App is an essential companion to the sales presentation process. Companies can now have the newest digital technology with their own brand, at an affordable price, that can be rapidly deployed,” says Pat Goeke, President and CEO of Nomadic Display.

From their own password-protected content management portal, administrators have the freedom to upload and organize their content into multiple categories based on their individual business demands - - by event, product line, region, or even language. Individual users may be granted access to some or all of the content.

Nomadic Media on Demand is easy-to-use and comes with a complete set of online do-it-yourself instruction guides for prepping, uploading and organizing content through the content management portal.

For more information and to place an order, visit www.nomadicdisplay.com/media.

About Nomadic Display Nomadic Display is a leading producer of trade show displays for purchase or rent. Our high quality, lightweight display environments help companies cost-effectively build their businesses at trade shows, corporate events, road shows, airports, shopping malls, and showrooms.

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