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More than just a Lucky coincidence

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David Lucky



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LAS VEGAS — David Lucky knows a good thing when he sees it.

As an investment banker Lucky was involved in corporate liquidations and attended auctions looking for a good buy. In 2004 he just happened to be in attendance when one of the items up for bid was a 40-foot-by-40-foot exhibit booth.LAS VEGAS — David Lucky knows a good thing when he sees it.

As an investment banker Lucky was involved in corporate liquidations and attended auctions looking for a good buy. In 2004 he just happened to be in attendance when one of the items up for bid was a 40-foot-by-40-foot exhibit booth.

He only had a vague idea of what was up for bid. His intention was to make a purchase and make a profit. At that time he did not know much about booths but he did realize he was bidding on a custom booth at a bargain price.

“It consisted of about a dozen large crates,” Lucky recalls. “At the action all you could see were the closed crates and a photo of the assembled booth. So basically it was a blind faith bid. There were not many bidders and I ended up winning it.”

He said he sold the booth about three months later but in the process of advertising his newly acquired exhibit, he was contacted by many companies looking for other booths.

“It was just sheer luck that it was something that was available,” he said.

His interest in booths grew with the many inquiries he received regarding the exhibit. The three-months he owned his first booth was his first experience with exhibits but the transaction piqued his interest.

“At the end of the process I realized as a entrepreneur that there is a market for used booths,” Lucky said. “I was still not ready to jump into this business but a couple of months later I was at another auction where another booth was available.”

Again he made a bid and won the exhibit and soon after he formed his company — Lucky Exhibits — and he began actively looking for booths to buy and resell.

Originally from Newport Beach in Southern California, Lucky moved to Las Vegas, created a Website and began marketing an assortment of 20-by-20-foot and 10-by-10-foot booths. His business has continued to grow ever since. Today his Website features more than 300 used booths ranging in sizes and styles at substantial savings to buying a new, custom-built exhibit.

Lucky Exhibits is now a leading Website for buying and selling high quality used trade show booths, trade show display exhibits, pre-owned displays, and accessories nationwide. Lucky Exhibits also offers quality pre-owned truss systems, double deck booths, triple decker booths, modular booths, popup systems, island exhibits, peninsulas, or inline booths.

While sales may have dipped throughout the exhibit industry during the past few years, his business has continued to show steady growth during these slow economic times.

“Our business is actually growing because companies want to save money and buy a used booth,” Lucky said.

Operating from a small office in Northwest Las Vegas, Lucky has connected to clients both nationally and internationally through his Website. Most of his inventory is stored in a warehouse in Las Vegas but he also has warehouses in New York and Florida to assists customers on the East Coast.

Customers looking for a specific size or style can find what they are looking for by selecting various options or by clicking a thumbnail of a particular booth to read further details. He guarantees the quality of his booths and prices are negotiable

“Generally our prices are 20 to 25 cents on the dollar meaning a substantial savings for exhibitors,” Lucky said.

This year he redesigned his Website to include more videos with brief tours of the booths as stored in his warehouse. In many of the videos he is in front or behind the camera giving detailed descriptions while showing various angles of the exhibit.

As stated on the Website, Lucky Exhibits can also help in arranging for new graphics, and the re-branding of any of the used trade show booths, pre-owned exhibits, discounted stands, exhibition displays, or accessories. For sellers, Lucky Exhibits offers the best choices in the industry. Once the seller submits the information on the used trade show booth, Lucky Exhibits will make an evaluation. Qualified booths are eligible for a direct purchase, consignment sale, or advertising possibility.

Many of the pre-owned booths and exhibits, exhibit kiosks, used displays, and display counters are built by leading builders, such as Czarnowski, Skyline, Nimlok, Laarhooven, Gilbert Displays, Exhibit Group Giltspur, Abex, and other top trade show booth builders.

“We have a guarantee that whatever we show on our site is what they will get whether it is a booth we own or one on consignment,” Lucky said. “This takes the risk out of it for the buyer.”

If the description of the booth includes carpeting, cases or tables on his Website, he will make sure carpeting, cases or tables are shipped with the exhibit.

“Once we get a few variables narrowed down it gets easy,” Lucky said. “What we do is a win-win situation. A lot of booths end up getting destroyed or disposed of and that incurs a cost and is also bad for the planet.”

Lucky’s advice for new exhibitors looking to purchase a booth is to know what products are to be displayed and exactly how they want their products displayed. He also can help with making modifications and shipping for any company looking to save money to create the right booth for its next trade show event.

“We mainly cater to small to medium size company looking to save money,” Lucky said. “That’s our main specialty but we take care of everybody.”

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